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Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining the Infirmary Physician Alliance or becoming more involved please contact Ryan Summerford at Ryan.Summerford@InfirmaryHealth.org or 251.435.4784.

The Infirmary Physician Alliance (IPA) is a physician-led, physician-driven, and physician-governed organization that is aligned with Infirmary Health to provide physicians with a more integrated role in strategic planning, patient care and quality program implementation, and managed care contracting with payers and employers. The Infirmary Physician Alliance’s main goal is to improve clinical quality and the care efficiency necessary to demonstrate value to payers, employers, and patients. This is the essence of clinical integration. Physician members of the IPA will have the opportunity to serve on governance and planning committees that will guide all strategic decisions for the IPA. The IPA’s goal is to be transparent with all information and allow input from physicians in all areas of the organization’s decision-making. IPA Board Members were initially appointed in the first year from the three Infirmary Health hospitals. Future years will include Board Member elections at each hospital campus to assure strong leadership and adequate representation from all specialties and hospital campuses. Contracting opportunities for the IPA include shared savings agreements with commercial payers, employers, and Medicare Advantage plans. The IPA will provide physicians the organizational structure needed to react to future changes in the healthcare industry. Electronic health records are not required to join the IPA. Financial data sharing between practices is not a part of the program and is prohibited by the FTC. Sharing of specialty specific quality data will be necessary to demonstrate the clinical quality and efficiency the IPA will provide to patients.